How I Became a Crack Addict with Acrylics

Lesson Three - Abstract Art Image by Victoria Primicias



Lesson Three is another transition piece from oils to acrylics.

I was beginning to like acrylics. But my other foot was still solidly entrenched
in oil/cold wax medium.

I had fallen in love with oils only a year before, and I was reluctant
to let it go.

At first, I was skeptical that acrylics could even remotely simulate the effects
I had labored to achieve in oil/cold wax. I was overwhelmed with the choices.

Too many bells and whistles: acrylic gel thickeners, molding paste, retarders,
gloss-semigloss-matte, fluid medium, clear tar gel, course pumice gel, GAC!!!

And then, I discovered crackle paste. 

To my fascination and utter surprise, crackle paste behaved as advertised.
It cracked! I was so mesmerized that, for a short time at least, I wanted to apply
crackle paste to everything.

I became a crack addict. Forget about watching paint dry. I was watching paint
crack! Your honor, I present "Lesson Three", my third acrylic painting. For the
child in me, it was magic, and I wanted more. 

And so I turned my back on those lovely oils and plunged myself headlong into
Ah, well, another year, another medium. It was early 2016, and I found
myself merrily skipping down another yellow brick road. 

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